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You are a virus in the human bloodstream – inside of a vein, to be exact. Your only job is to Infect the human being. It may sound simple, but reaching the goal will be difficult work. Many obstacles, such as white blood cells and lymphocytes, stand in your way. Use debris and particles in the bloodstream to block the enemies that are trying to stop you. Use cunning and speed to get from the Starting Line to the Finish Line. And remember, the ultimate goal is to Infect the human! Good Luck!

To play, navigate through the level by touching the arrows on the screen. The levels will progressively get harder with more obstacles in your way. Be sure to try both game modes while playing. Have Fun!


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Infection! is a simple yet addicting game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It is the perfect the game for any time. Whether you have a long ride ahead of you, or just need to kill time, Infection! is the perfect game for it. Best features include:

  • Simple User-Interface and Controls for Everyone
  • 2 Different Game Modes with 20 Levels Each
  • Unique Graphics for Arcade-Style Game
  • Popular Theme Makes Game More Enjoyable
  • All Levels are Unlocked
  • Super-Fast Loading Times

These 40 levels of entertainment range from Easy to Difficult. Strategy is needed to win the higher, more challenging levels as you progress in Infection! Each mode needs its own strategy to truly master the entire game.

Race Mode – 20 Levels: It is only you (the Green Virus) against White Blood Cells and Lymphocytes in the bloodstream. Tap the Arrows On-Screen to guide your virus through the level untouched. This is the game mode that many users begin with.

Buddy Mode – 20 Levels: In addition to yourself, you must also guide a Blue Virus through the bloodstream to Infect. The goal is to direct the Green Virus and the Blue Virus to the end untouched. The Blue Virus will trail you through each level. DO NOT get fought off by disease-fighters trying to stop you. This mode can get very challenging, so get some practice in Race Mode.

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